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Camo AT Max Metal Detector

Camo AT Max Metal Detector


Includes the 6 by 11" inch Viper Search coil and MS-3 Wireless headphones. The AT Max is waterproof to 10 feet deep and the perfect detector for coins, relics and even gold. 

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    Other Features

    • Enhanced Electronics and Operating Frequency: Powerful single frequencies offer improved sensitivity and deeper detection capabilities. The 13.6 kHz is ideal for finding metallic items like silver coins and rare artifacts.
    • Iron Audio Feature: Allows users to differentiate between desired targets and flat iron targets such as bottle caps and washers, preventing time wasted on unwanted objects.
    • Adjustable Threshold: Allows you to adjust the audio threshold for faint targets and complex iron objects. Users will hear distinct tones from the target, enhancing the overall detection process.
    • Backlit Display: Users can continue to hunt day and night with this unique feature, offering a brighter interface in low-light conditions.
    • Sensitivity Adjustments: 8 sensitivity adjustments allow for customization of the detector’s performance according to varying ground conditions and target sizes.
    • Large Digital Target ID: Numerical target identification scale from 0 to 99 for more accurate detection of specific metal types.
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