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Lose something valuable and need help finding it? I will come out and search for it with my metal detector. 

Examples of items I search for:

Rings, Jewelry, Knives, Phones, Property Stakes, Boat Motors, Watches, Valuables.

Will search on land and underwater for lost items. 

Pricing varies depending on distance, hours/days spent searching, land or water recoveries and value of item.



I will teach you how to operate your metal detector, so you can find better treasures. 

  • Expect to spend around 3 hours learning about your metal detector and successful techniques that I use every time I go detecting. 

  • I will cover a variety of topics. Ground Balancing, Iron Discrimination, Target ID, Sensitivity, Frequency Change and other tips.

  • You must provide the location. This could be a local park, farm field, woods, etc. Just somewhere outdoors where I can demonstrate how the detector works.

  • I will demonstrate to you proper swinging techniques, How to dig a plug, using a Pro-Pointer, and much more.

  • This In - Person training course with Nugget Noggin is a must have for anyone seriously looking to learn their detector. 


* Must be within 2 hour driving distance from Charlotte NC. For Further locations there will be a fee to cover traveling expenses and or lodging if necessary. 




I would love to be apart of your next event. Please schedule below and we will work out the details.

Events I have done in the past include: 

  • School Educational Events

  • Digging hunts

  • Trade Shows

  • Metal Detecting / Treasure Hunting related Shows

  • Church Events

  • Farm Fall Festivals

  • Civil War Relic Shows

  • Community Detecting Clubs

  • Online Radio Shows

  • Birthday Parties

* Pricing varies depending on the type of event, length, and task to be done.


Please contact for more information!


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